10 Carpet Cleaning Tips From The Professionals

Carpet is one of the toughest types of flooring to clean. Not only do the fibres capture all sorts of dirt and grime, but they are frequent victims of spilled drinks, muddy footprints and accidents from furry friends.

Despite this, clean carpets are more than just a pipe dream. With time, effort and a pinch of elbow grease, you could have carpets as vibrant and beautiful as the day they were installed. And if you partner with Jim’s Cleaning, they could look even better than that!

Here are 10 of the best carpet cleaning tips from the pros at Jim’s Cleaning.

1. Schedule the regular cleaning of carpets

Like many other cleaning tasks around the house, sticking to a schedule is paramount for the longevity of your carpet.

Vacuum the home at least once per week, and perform deep cleaning at least once a year. High-traffic areas could benefit from twice-weekly vacuuming, although this might not make sense if you live alone or without pets.

2. Blot, don’t scrub

You might be tempted to rub, scrub or buff stains out of your carpet fibres. But don’t give in! Not only is this ineffective at best, but it could make the discolouration even worse.

When approaching a stain, do your best to blot the fibres with a damp cloth gently. Paper towels also work, although their absorbency may not be as efficient. This life-changing tip could save your floors in a pinch!

3. Know your stain removal tips

Stains appear on even the best-kept carpets. When they do, don’t panic! There’s likely a simple solution.

Here’s how to clean carpets from everyday stains and liquids:

  • Wax — Use a hot washcloth to soften the surface, then scrape off the rest with a blunt butter knife.
  • Chewing gum — Freeze with an ice cube, lift with a spoon and crop closely with a pair of scissors.
  • Beer and wine — Spray club soda, vinegar and water onto the stain before gently blotting it up.
  • Dirt or clay — Any brand of shaving cream can cut through dirt in minutes.
  • Coffee — Cold water and vinegar are all you need to remove the evidence.

4. Use prevention techniques

When it comes to carpet stains, you might have lost the battle — but you can win the war.

Rather than resolving problems as they arise, prevent stains from ever taking root with carpet protection products like Scotchguard. These products (usually spray-on) prevent stains from soaking into carpet fibres, which makes cleanup even more manageable.

You can find carpet protection products over the counter at any large commercial chain or purchase them directly from a professional carpet cleaning service. At Jim’s Cleaning, we’ll even apply them for you!

5. Set some house rules

Sometimes, the best approach to sustained cleanliness is ruling with an iron fist.

Ask friends and family members to follow specific house rules. For example, request that everyone take off their shoes before crossing the threshold. This stops dirt from tracking on the carpets and wards off unnecessary spills. You could store your own shoes in areas with easy-clean floors (tile, laminate, etc.) until needed.

6. Deep clean once a year

Every carpet can benefit from deep cleaning, regardless of age or appearance. Steaming removes tiny dirt particles from the deepest parts of your carpet, while dry cleaning addresses hard-to-fix areas with fast-drying compounds.

If you live alone, you might want to deep clean the carpet once per year — and especially If you have a larger family or pets in the home.

7. Strategize with rugs

Is your carpet starting to look flat or packed down? Heavy foot traffic can flatten carpet fibres over time, making the home look dirty or old. This common issue cannot be repaired without professional services or a carpet replacement.

If you aren’t interested in replacing your carpets just yet, consider using rugs to hide less attractive sections and reduce constant pressure. Besides, you might be surprised how a little pop of colour could revitalise your space!

8. Eliminate odours ASAP

Smelly carpets aren’t created overnight — and neither are their solutions. Pet accidents and spills can foster the growth of bacteria, leaving behind a lingering smell that lasts for days or weeks.

You have a number of options to solve the problem:

  • Over-the-counter scents that add perfumed scents to the home
  • DIY or baking soda mixtures that neutralise stronger smells
  • Vinegar sprays on heavily affected areas

If the stretch is bad enough, consider using professional carpet cleaning services. Just call the folks at Jim’s Cleaning for a free quote!

9. Choose products wisely

Not every cleaning product will be a good fit for your floors. Some over-the-counter options and DIY solutions could even damage or bleach your carpets, highlighting the stain and worsening its appearance.

When applying unfamiliar floor cleaning products, test a small amount in an unnoticeable corner. Discard the product immediately if you notice any colour changes or strange reactions. It’s simply not worth the risk.

10. Rely on carpet cleaning service

DIY and home remedies have their place, but for fast cleans that remove even the toughest stains, carpet cleaning services will be your best bet. Professionals have the products and equipment needed to address serious stains and can visit your home once a week (or sooner) to ensure the floors are immaculate. This is the best carpet cleaning method for households short on time.

Trust Jim’s for professional carpet cleaning

Jim’s Cleaning are a leading carpet cleaning solution for homeowners in New Zealand. We understand how frustrating it can be to restore carpets to their former glory, which is why we offer versatile cleaning services to keep your floors looking fresh.

Our high-quality carpet cleaning services include:

  • Commercial carpet cleaning
  • Original carpet cleaning
  • Carpet water damage restoration
  • Carpet dry cleaning
  • Carpet steam cleaning
  • Rug cleaning

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