5 Common Reasons Why Your Windows Get Dirty

Dirty windows are a cause of frustration for many homeowners. They make your home look uncared for, and they prevent the full amount of natural light from entering your room. But what can you do to keep your windows clean and sparkling? If you have ever wondered, “How do I stop my windows from getting dirty?”, we have some answers for you.

Here are some of the most common causes of dirty windows in New Zealand — and tips for putting things right.

1. Pollution in the air

Why do my windows get dirty so quickly? This is a complaint we commonly hear, particularly from homeowners in more densely populated areas. One of the main causes of dirty windows is pollution in the air. Particles from car exhausts, for example, are blown in the wind and can easily cling to the outsides of your windows. This quickly causes the glass to appear dirty. Other airborne debris, such as pollen, add to the effect. The result is that your windows might look dirty on the outside.

This is why regular window cleaning is so important. What happens if you don’t clean your windows? The build-up of particles can actually damage the glass. This could start small, with little scratches. Over time, the effect gets worse, weakening the structure of your windows until you might even need them replaced. Having your windows cleaned regularly will save you a lot of money, as windows can be costly.

It’s also important to clean your window screens and tracks as well as the glass. This will preserve the integrity of your windows for longer, as they won’t have the chance to weaken so easily.

2. Pollution in water

Water makes everything cleaner, right? So why do my windows never look clean? If your windows have just been washed and they still look dirty, chances are it’s due to the quality of the water you’re using to wash them.

Most homeowners use a garden hose to wash their windows, particularly those hard-to-reach panes on the house’s upper floors. However, this can actually cause your windows to look dirtier rather than cleaner. This is because standard mains water contains a lot of pollutants. These solid particles stick to the glass in your windows, causing streaks. Your windows look great until they dry, and then they appear cloudy. This is even more of a problem in areas with hard water, as this contains more minerals that cling to the glass, resulting in worse streaks.

So, what can you do about this problem? You can’t change the makeup of the water — but you can call the professionals who have the right equipment for the job. At Jim’s Cleaning, we use specialist water purification equipment that takes the pollutants out of the water, resulting in streak-free windows every time.

3. Household grease

Why do windows get dirty inside? There are a number of reasons why the insides of your windows get dirty, but the most common one can be found in your kitchen. When you’re cooking, significant amounts of grease and steam get into the air in your home. Combined, they will stick like glue to the glass in your windows. This substance makes your windows look dirty and can be very difficult to remove.

This is why you need help from professional cleaning services. We have all the right tools to remove grease from the insides of your windows successfully. This will prevent more dirt from sticking to the glass, keeping your windows cleaner for longer.

4. Poor quality cleaning products and techniques

What is the best method for cleaning windows? You’ll find plenty of conflicting answers online, all suggesting different techniques and products. However, many of these “solutions” could actually be making things worse, not better.

One of the most common causes of dirty windows is poor cleaning. This could be due to the technique, or it could be that the products you are using are low quality and incapable of tackling the dirt on your windows. Over time, residue from poor cleaning attempts will stick to the glass, providing an ideal surface for more dirt to bond to.

If this has happened in your home, you need to think about calling experienced window cleaning services. At Jim’s Cleaning, we have all the latest equipment and know the very best techniques to use. In addition, we only use our own trusted products, which have been specially formulated to tackle even the most stubborn dirt on your windows.

5. Children and pets

How often have you found little handprints, nose prints or paw prints on your windows? Whether your kids are of the human or the furry variety (or both), they love making a mess! It can be extremely difficult to keep your windows clean if you have children and pets. No sooner have you wiped the greasy marks away, they’re back again.

The trick here is to try not to stress too much. Kids and animals need to play and have fun. They also take up a huge amount of time, so you won’t feel like spending any spare minutes cleaning your windows. But don’t worry — whenever you need your windows cleaned, there are plenty of affordable window cleaning services available to get your windows back to their shining glory.

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Now that you know some of the main reasons why your windows are getting dirty, it’s time to tackle the problem. We understand that cleaning windows can be extremely time-consuming and takes a lot of effort. This is frustrating when the results are often not as good as you would like them to be.

The highly experienced team at Jim’s Cleaning is here to help. With years of experience and the latest equipment, we can tackle any windows inside or outside your home. No matter how dirty you think they are, we will restore them to their beautiful best, giving you clear views and a stunning, clean-looking home. Whether you live in a tall apartment block or a large house with lots of windows, no job is too big or too small — we’ll clean them all!

If you would like to find out more about the different window cleaning services and deals we offer, please give our team a call on 0800 454 654. We’re always happy to make your life a little brighter.