Calcium Build up on Shower Screens

Shower screen

Calcium Build up and Lime Scale

Have you ever noticed the white, hard to remove stains on your shower screens and doors? Lime Scale or calcium is what causes the white build up that occurs on your shower screens/doors and around your taps. or in simpler terms it’s the annoying stuff that nothing seem to be able to get rid of!

What is calcium build up or lime scale?

When water evaporates from glass, it leaves behind minerals such as calcium and magnesium resulting in white spots or residue. Depending on where you live will depend on the severity of calcium/lime scale build up you experience. For example, northern parts of Australia experience a higher percentage of minerals in their water compared to those in southern parts of Australia resulting in more regular and serve build up.

Is it harmful?

No – Lime scale or calcium build up is not harmful to your health, but it does decrease the attractiveness of your shower (and nobody wants to get clean in a dirty shower). However, lime scale and calcium build up is problematic for other reasons; these dried up minerals give residues of soap something extra to stick to, causing the build-up of soap scum to occur much faster, and we all know how menacing soap scum is.

How do you get rid of it?

While you could use chemicals to remove the white spots, in many cases, the natural products you have at home do an even better job! Home solutions such as vinegar, lemon juice and water can be highly successful in removing these stains and even better they aren’t damaging to your health like many chemical products.

  • Use a spray bottle with your mixture of lemon juice and vinegar, spray generously on effected areas and leave for 15 minutes.
  • Wash off with a microfibre cloth and water.
  • For tough stains repeat process and scrub sports with an old tooth brush after 15 minutes of soaking.


For some, this tedious task is not high on their priority list – if this is you feel free to call Jim’s Cleaning for us to take away your stress and leave you with squeaky clean shower screens/window/taps  %%PHONE_NUMBER%% or Request A Free Quote Online 24/7