It’s hard to resist quality treatment like Jim’s Cleaning New Zealand’s wash and detailing service for trucks, caravans, and boats. We are the industry’s most respected company for a reason. After seeing your vehicle or vessel gleaming clean, the idea of letting our team handle all your detailing needs will start sounding even more tempting.

You’ve seen the ‘before’ and ‘after’ images and read the reviews, but a full detailing service may not be in your schedule. That’s why we’ve created a streamlined version of our detailing process that doesn’t compromise on results. During our Wash and Detailing Service, our experts meticulously clean and polish your trucks, caravans, and boats, providing a pristine finish in a fraction of the time. Call our office at 0800 454 654 to learn more or to schedule your service today.

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You want to keep your car looking as good as it did the day you picked it up. However, no matter how many times you wash & wax, the scratches, chips, and stains start to spread across your car’s exterior and the paint begins to dull & not to mention fade from the sun.

Little do you know that your car’s exterior is constantly under attack from the elements; mud, UV light, bugs, debris, etc… are unavoidable so how do you protect your car?

Jim’s Car Detailing also provide cleaning services for the following vehicles

Keeping your vehicle looking like a stunning ride is as easy as scheduling cleaning and detailing service with Jim’s Car Detailing. Give us a call on 131 546 to pamper your vehicle with top-quality care.

Jim’s Work Guarantee

As genuine professionals and proud members of the famous Jim’s Group of companies, we stand by the quality of our car cleaning services by delivering the Jim’s Work Guarantee to each and every client, for each and every clean and detailing job we do.

You won’t find any other mobile service who will stand by their workmanship in such a way! Choose Jim’s Car Cleaning with confidence. We take the time to do the job exceptionally well, and fuss over all the finest details, to show you best-practice mobile car detailing for those who love their cars as much as we do.

Our car cleaning services are the best around – we guarantee it!

Why choose Jim’s Cleaning?


Our team of certified professionals is dedicated to delivering exceptional service with every visit. We use the latest cleaning techniques and high-quality products to ensure your space is not only clean but also healthy and safe.


We pride ourselves on our reliability. Our punctual and consistent cleaning services mean you can enjoy a spotless environment without any hassle. We're here for you, rain or shine.


Security is our priority. We conduct thorough background checks on all our staff, and we're fully insured and bonded. You can trust us to respect your privacy and take care of your property.


Quality is at the heart of everything we do. From our customer service to our sparkling finishes, we guarantee a top-tier cleaning experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Cleaning Services Are Available for My Vehicle?

At Jim’s Car Detailing, we offer numerous specialised services for your vehicle. Whether you own a boat, truck or caravan, you can be confident that you receive detailed treatment tailored to the cleaning needs of your vehicle.

Check out our service range below and find the package that suits your boat, truck or caravan.

Bio-Clean/Disinfect Car Detail
Our bio-clean/disinfect car detail service ensures that your vehicle looks spotless and is free of any dirt, debris or other harmful substances.

The experts at Jim’s Car Detailing work diligently to ensure that your entire vehicle is treated with careful and thorough attention. Once you bring in your vehicle, our trained experts use a powerful biocidal cleaner to eliminate any harmful organisms from your vehicle. Not only does this help keep your car fresh and clean, but it also ensures that you stay healthy whenever you go for a drive.

In addition to spraying surfaces with biocidal cleaner, we shampoo and vacuum all the seats and carpeting, clean the windows and deodorise the whole interior of your car.

Mobile Car Wash and Detailing
With our mobile car wash and detailing, we bring the car wash right to you. If you need to take your car in for a cleaning but can’t find the time in your hectic schedule, mobile detailing is the service you’re looking for. The convenience and accessibility of mobile car washes make them the preferred option for countless car owners.

Leave all the work to our seasoned pros while you focus on fulfilling your other day-to-day responsibilities. Whether you’re in need of caravan detailing, truck detailing or boat detailing, we can ensure that you always receive the exceptional service that you’ve come to expect from Jim’s Car Detailing.

Exterior Deluxe Car Detail
The exterior of your vehicle leaves a strong impression on others, so it’s crucial to maintain it regularly. When you choose our exterior deluxe care detail services, you put your vehicle in the hands of experts who know how to properly care for your car. The pros at Jim’s Car Detailing perform an exterior hand wash, antibacterial application, thorough vacuuming and window cleaning, bug and tar removal, interior deodorisation and much more.

Does Jim’s Car Detailing Come To Me?

If your car is due for a cleaning but you can’t find the time to bring it in for service, there’s no need to worry. Jim’s Car Detailing offers Mobile Car Wash and Detailing services for customers who have busy schedules. We bring the car wash right to you so you don’t even have to lift a finger. From thoroughly scrubbing your car until it’s spotless to cleansing your vehicle of bacteria, we do it all with the mobile car wash and detailing.

How Can I Keep My Vehicle in Optimal Condition?

Whether you own a boat, caravan, truck or car, it’s important to do everything you can to keep your vehicle in top condition. Not only does careful maintenance help your vehicle stay polished and attractive, but it also helps you save money on repairs and replacements.

To keep your vehicle in proper shape when you’re not bringing it in for service, there are a few simple steps you can take. First, always be sure to keep your vehicle protected from the elements. Prolonged exposure to sunlight as well as harsh weather conditions may damage your vehicle over time. Dents and scratches impact the integrity of the paint, so be sure to check your vehicle for any signs of wear and tear and treat these areas before they turn into larger problems.

A little damage here and there is inevitable. That’s why it’s vital to take your car, boat or caravan in for cleaning on a regular basis. Whether you need a boat cleaner or truck detailing, being proactive in keeping your vehicle properly maintained can add years of enjoyment to a vehicle’s lifespan.

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At Jim’s Cleaning NZ, our team of trained detailers has the right experience, tools, and equipment to provide top-tier paint protection services, including ceramic coating. We meticulously inspect each vehicle before starting the coating process to ensure we use the correct products and techniques for a flawless finish.

Call our office at 0800 454 654 to learn more or to schedule your paint protection service today.

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