How Do Deep Cleaning & Regular Cleaning Differ?

Regular house cleaning is an important part of maintaining any home; not just for looking after its appearance, but in terms of maintaining the integrity of the home itself. For example, vacuuming helps clean your carpet, which in turn lengthens its lifespan and enhances its durability. Regularly cleaning your windows enables you to spot issues such as hairline cracks or worn out seals far sooner than you might have otherwise. Dusting enables you to spot signs of — and prevent — mould. A house that isn’t properly looked after is one that’s at far greater risk of falling apart by degrees; multiple problems can go unnoticed, eventually snowballing and causing major structural issues in the process.

Additionally, keeping your home clean also means a far healthier environment for you and the other people living in it. Dirt and grime can attract pests such as insects or bacteria, as well as causing dust build-up in carpeted areas — a problematic issue that can cause respiratory problems or inflame allergies. Vacuuming helps keep these issues at bay, and periodically steam cleaning is an even more powerful way of dealing with the issue.

All of these factors are pretty standard home maintenance considerations. But what about deep cleaning? Intentionally or not, most regular cleaning is very surface level; while it’s extremely important, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re getting rid of all the grit and grime that can lie beneath the surface. That’s where deep cleaning comes in.

Deep cleaning is the process of cleaning all of the areas of the home that tend to get overlooked when you’re carrying out regular house cleaning — spots like behind the fridge, oven interiors, under the sink, air filters and bathroom scale removal, for example.

Though these areas don’t need to be cleaned as frequently as other areas of the house, they can still serve as magnets for dirt, grime and bacteria, in turn affecting the surrounding environment. Accordingly, it’s important to carry out periodic cleaning in these areas, to ensure that no unwanted nasties are stockpiling without you realising.

Additionally, disinfecting is increasingly being discussed as part of the deep cleaning process, particularly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although regular, household-grade cleaning products can be effective at getting rid of germs, disinfecting is the scorched-earth solution to blast germs and help prevent them from returning. It’s particularly important for high contact areas such as door handles or light switches. After deep cleaning, you can additionally disinfect a surface to ensure that it’s not just visibly clean, but also hygienic and safe.

Some people think of these separate types of cleaning in a manner akin to deep cleaning vs regular cleaning for the house, but that’s not quite accurate. A better way to think of it would be for regular house cleaning as setting the baseline. After all, deep cleaning can only be carried out properly once the normal cleaning has been done. Additionally, deep cleaning doesn’t need to be carried out as regularly; though it’s focused on areas that can attract hidden grit and grime, they’re not typically getting dirty at the same rate as the rest of the house.

Cleaning up after yourself

So if you’re looking to create a cleaner environment in your home, where’s the best place to start? With regular cleaning, of course. That’s why we’ve put together a regular house cleaning checklist, to provide some guidance.

  • Vacuuming
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Cleaning hardwood or tiled floors
  • Dusting wooden surfaces
  • Kitchen cleaning

The frequency with which you’ll need to do all of these tasks will vary depending on your home, how many people you live with and which rooms see the most use. As a general rule though, you’re probably looking at around once a week or so. If you’re carrying them out regularly, then your home should be looking clean and tidy. It’s important to remember that cleaning your home is an ongoing process; it’s not a one-and-done sort of task, unfortunately. However, it also provides a sound base to work from when you’re ready to prepare for a deep clean. Doing it regularly will help keep the mess around the home under control and prevent you from needing to do a larger-scale clean when the time comes for deep cleaning.

The deep cleaning house checklist

To help you get a clear picture of what sort of areas should be covered during a deep clean, we’ve put together a checklist for your reference. Feel free to print it off and keep it handy around the home for your next deep clean.

  • Bathroom

A potential haven for grime and soap scum, your tiles, shower head and taps will all need to be carefully cleared to remove any traces.

  • Kitchen

Make sure that the space behind appliances such as the fridge, oven or microwave is carefully cleaned. Additionally, the interior of the oven should also be cleaned, along with the wire racks within.

  • Laundry

Clean behind the washing machine and dryer, as well as the interior of any cupboards. The sink and tap should also be inspected for any signs of grime or scale build-up.

  • General

Clean your interior windows and frames, along with any glass doors.

There may be other items that become evident when you’re prepping your home for a deep clean too; for example, the space behind a bookcase or clearing out your storage space. But whether you’re undertaking regular house cleaning or deep cleaning, it’s also a good idea to have a system in place; cleaning your house from top to bottom, left to right,  in order is usually a better idea than trying to do random tasks as you encounter them. For example, if you try to dust the top of a shelf after you’ve already vacuumed the floor, you’ll likely find yourself just having to vacuum again. It’s inefficient and double-handling, so make sure that you’re cleaning room by room in a sensible pattern.

Using a professional cleaner for deep cleaning

You might understandably be thinking that all of this sounds very time-consuming. There’s also the potential to miss key spots if you’re new to deep cleaning too. In these instances, you may be better served by having a professional cleaner coming in to handle it for you. Here at Jim’s Cleaning, we’re highly experienced cleaning professionals who can tackle deep cleaning on your behalf, getting rid of all of the grime and dirt that might have otherwise gone overlooked.


What is the difference between a deep clean and a standard clean?

A standard clean around the house is the sort of cleaning that should be taking place every week or so — vacuuming, mopping and other general tidying that helps maintain the appearance and cleanliness levels of your home. However, a deep clean is geared at cleaning areas within the home that might otherwise be obstructed or go overlooked during a regular clean. Examples might include the area underneath your fridge or the wall behind your bookcase. Additionally, deep cleans can also sometimes include disinfecting, particularly since the advent of COVID-19. While these spots don’t need to be cleaned as regularly as the rest of the house, they can still end up being havens for dirt. That’s why it’s so critical to carry out periodic deep cleaning, as well as regular house cleaning.

What does a deep clean of my house include?

Jim’s Cleaning specialises in deep cleans that rid your home of dust and dirt in tough-to-reach spots around the home. We’ll also take care of the scaling and soap scum in your bathroom, ensuring that you’ve got a clean home to return to. We can also do a deep clean of the exterior of your house too, cleaning off stains from the outside walls with power washing.

What services does Jim’s Cleaning offer besides cleaning houses? 

Here at Jim’s Cleaning, we offer an extensive range of cleaning services, including office and commercial spaces, car detailing, pressure washing, carpet cleaning, end of lease cleaning and disinfecting services, to name a few. We’re able to work with your specific needs and your schedule to ensure that you’re getting the clean you need, as you need it. Whether that’s weekly, fortnightly, monthly or just as a one-off service, we’re more than happy to accommodate your requirements.

Why choose Jim’s for home cleaning services?

As long-time experts in New Zealand’s cleaning industry, we’re uniquely equipped to handle your regular house cleaning and deep cleaning needs. Our cleaners are police-checked professionals, supplying their own equipment and able to accommodate the unique requirements of your home. So why not reach out to us and get a free quote for cleaning your home today! We can carry out a deep clean for you and get your home back to looking its best as soon as possible.