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A Jim’s Cleaning Franchise is the perfect way to start your own business. Backed by the powerful Jim’s Brand you will be in business for yourself, but not by yourself. Have control of your income, working hours and lifestyle, while also enjoying the full support of Jim’s expert team.

If you’ve ever considered working for yourself, enjoy making clients happy, want to be more active, be healthier and have a better lifestyle then make an enquiry about a Jim’s Cleaning New Zealand Franchise today.

Our domestic and commercial Cleaning Franchises for Sale Program will provide you with all you need to get started including equipment, chemicals, training, business name registration, uniforms and stationary as well as ongoing one on one support to ensure your cleaning business is a success from the beginning.

Jim’s is a name you can rely on and trust

New Zealand’s Biggest Brand

Cleaning might not seem like a glamorous business, but if you’re after an opportunity that’s really satisfying (and very profitable) then you’ll soon see past that. With a $12 Billion market to service it’s hard not to succeed. And succeeding is exactly what we’ll help you do with our comprehensive training programs.

Jim’s Cleaning Group has been trusted as a household name since 1994 and has over 96% brand recognition. A strong brand is based on values and acts as a short cut in the decision making process, customers will instantly select and be prepared to pay more for a known brand.

Few Franchise opportunities compare to owing a Jim’s Cleaning Franchise. We offer a complete “turn-key” business that allows you to “say goodbye” to your boss and build your own empire, on your terms.

If you’re after an opprotunity that’s really satisfying (and very profitable), then you’ll want to become a franchisee with Jim’s Cleaning Group. With a $12 billion market to service, it’s hard not to succeed

Jim’s Cleaning Group Has Been trusted as a household name since 1994 and has over 96% brand recognition. A strong brand is based on values and acts as a short cut in the decision making progress

Specialise in a Cleaning Service

We’re here to help you succeed

Full training in all aspects of your business, so you can be highly efficient and effective straight away.

We help you with all of your scheduling, dictated around your own choice of working hours and lifestyle

We offer a Pay-for-Work Guarantee of $1,100 per week so you can rest assured you’ll make an income from day one

We’ll give you access to powerful marketing tools to ensure you can keep you as busy as you’d like to be

Customised accounting and time-management apps developed exclusively to make ‘paperwork & process’ a breeze.

Access to massive buying power, you’ll get great rates on cleaning products mobile phone plans, vehicles and more

A top New Zealand franchise for flexibility and support

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Experience tailored cleaning excellence in Hamilton, where our services meet the city’s high standards of cleanliness and care.

Christchurch counts on us for professional cleaning that respects the city’s heritage and embraces its future. Contact us now

In Auckland’s fast-paced environment, our efficient and thorough cleaning services ensure spotless results for every space.