How Long Does End Of Lease Cleaning Take?

Moving homes is a stressful time as is, so why add the worry of end-of-lease cleaning? With so much going on during a move, whether it’s finding a perfect place or arranging your removalists, it’s easy to lose track of time and become overwhelmed by the prospect of ensuring your previous home is up to scratch.

As a tenant, you are responsible for ensuring your property remains pristine to maintain a solid rental history, receive your bond in full and avoid unwanted, costly fees. Moving can be expensive; the last thing you want is to spend any extra money when you can ensure your property is clean and up to standard.

At Jim’s Cleaning, we’re here to help so that you can tick one extra thing off your end-of-lease cleaning checklist. This helpful blog will answer all your questions, from “how long does an end-of-lease clean take?” to the importance of an end-of-lease clean, when to arrange your cleaning and the expected costs. But first, let’s take a closer look at why trusting the experts with your end-of-lease clean checklist is preferred over doing it yourself.

The importance of a professional end-of-lease cleaning

If you’re about to move out of your rental property, you must spruce up the place before handing the keys back to the landlord. It should look like it has never been lived in so the new tenant can move in seamlessly. Only once your landlord is satisfied with the home’s condition will they return your security bond.

Why not just clean the property myself?

While saving some money and cleaning your home yourself might be tempting, cleaning for your end of the lease is risky as it likely will not meet the standards of a professional cleaning service and could jeopardise receiving your bond back in full. Keep in mind that some landlords might request a receipt from a professional cleaning company as evidence that the home is cleaned to the highest possible standard.

By hiring professional cleaners to check off your end-of-lease cleaning checklist, you can save time and energy to focus on settling into your new home and avoid the cost of cleaning tools and materials.

The benefits of outsourcing for a professional end-of-lease cleaning service

Are you wondering if outsourcing a professional bond cleaning in NZ is worth it? Our answer is most definitely! Hiring the right cleaners to get your home cleaned for the end of your lease offers plenty of benefits:

  • Professional results — Regardless of how thorough you clean, a professional clean is of the highest quality. We have the expertise to tackle any cleaning project and achieve a professional finish unlike any other.
  • Cleaner results in a shorter time frame — Do you have any challenging cleaning jobs? Whether it’s a greasy oven you haven’t gotten around to, or dust collecting at the top of your window blinds, professional cleaners will achieve an optimal cleaning result in far less time.
  • Reduced stress — Moving homes is stressful as it is. You already need to sort through your belongings, what to keep and what to throw, pack, transport your belongings and settle into your new home. Outsourcing your bond cleaning in NZ to professional cleaners means a reduced workload, so you can focus your energy on settling into your new home sooner rather than later.
  • Quicker bond return — Why wait months for your bond return when you can trust professional cleaners to tick off your end-of-lease clean checklist? Secure your bond return sooner rather than later.

The difference between wear and tear and damages

Renting your home comes with its pros and cons. You can often expect to move in or out of a property with signs of wear and tear from previous tenants, which cannot be helped.

As a tenant, you should know there is a difference between general wear and tear and more extensive damages. That way, if or when the time comes that you decide to move homes, you’ll be aware if your landlord attempts to charge you for any damages you are not responsible for.

With any home, you can expect items to deteriorate slightly over time, whether it’s floorboards, faded paint, wallpaper or carpet, worn bathroom fixtures, mild clogging of sinks or wooden floorboards in need of a fresh coat of varnish.

Significant damages are more meaningful and depreciate the home’s overall value. As such, the landlord is entitled to request additional fees from the tenant. Such damages include carpet burns or stains, chipped or cracked sinks or bathtubs, broken windows, unhinged doors, or clogged sinks and toilets due to improper hygiene and use.

When to get an end-of-lease cleaning

If you’re unsure when to organise your end-of-lease clean, we highly recommend checking your contract for the deadline so you can book your cleaners in advance. If you suddenly need to vacate your property, you should complete your bond cleaning checklist and have your place ready for the landlord to inspect.

How long does end-of-lease cleaning take?

If you’re asking yourself, “How long does an end-of-lease clean take?” it depends on the size of the property and how dirty it is. An average end-of-lease clean will take around two to eight hours, with two to three cleaners simultaneously completing different cleaning tasks. You can ease the end-of-lease cleaning process by transporting all your personal property from the residence before the cleaners arrive.

An end-of-lease clean requires much more attention and care, especially with your bond on the line. By booking a professional clean, you can expect the following tasks to be ticked off your bond cleaning checklist:

  • Walls and windows are wiped clean
  • Cupboards cleaned inside and out
  • Floors are vacuumed and mopped
  • Surfaces are wiped down with any stains cleanable removed
  • Curtains and blinds are dusted and cleaned
  • Remove grease and grime from your oven with a deep clean
  • Cleaning the dishwasher

Ensure you ask what services and rooms are included in your package. Remember, you can always book additional room cleaning and services, such as carpet cleaning, garage or patio cleaning, upholstery cleaning and more, for an additional fee.

How much will an end-of-lease clean cost?

At Jim’s Cleaning, we understand that the cost of cleaning might be a concern, particularly when moving homes requires other outgoings, from organising your removalist to paying your rent in advance and your next bond. A professional end-of-lease clean will cost anywhere from $150 to $300 for a standard two-bedroom home. This price is susceptible to increase with larger homes or additional cleaning services, such as deep carpet cleaning or outdoor window washing.

We realise all our customers’ bond cleaning checklists look a little different from the next. That’s why we specialise in customised service plans catered to specific needs. Our cleaning specialists will work closely with you to create a custom cleaning plan to meet the needs of your home or business. Once your plan is complete, we will provide you with a detailed estimate, so you know what cost to expect from the start. The best part is you’ll only be paying for the services you require, unlike other cleaning services that offer a standard payment.

Why choose Jim’s Cleaning end-of-lease cleaning services?

With so many cleaning companies across New Zealand offering top-quality cleaning services, it can be hard to distinguish the best from the rest. At Jim’s Cleaning, our 20 years of industry experience means our team has the skills and know-how to tackle any job. We’ve worked hard to build a solid reputation with our long-standing clients, who keep returning for our expert services.

Not only are our cleaning technicians professionally trained, but they are also fully insured and police checked. That way, you can rest assured your end-of-lease clean will be in safe hands, and our staff will be protected from any potential accidents. With fair, upfront pricing and tailored cleaning solutions, you’ll never have to ask yourself, “How long does end-of-lease cleaning take?” again! You can trust our expert team to deliver quality service as thoroughly and efficiently as possible. We specialise in end-of-lease cleaning as well as home office cleaninghouse cleaning, and carpet cleaning services to tend to your needs.

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