How To Clean Your Car Interior Like A Pro!

We spend a lot of our busy days hanging out in the car.  It’s our mode of transportation, our favourite restaurant, our personal theatre and just our go-to hideaway. But when it comes to freshening up, that pine tree air freshener hanging off your rearview mirror can only do so much. If you have ever wondered how to clean your car’s interior, look no further. This article will explain how to clean and detail your car interior like a pro!

How often should you clean your car’s interior?

How often you clean your car really depends on you. When things start to smell and your windows become harder to look out of, it may be time to bring out the rubber gloves and get to cleaning.

What tools do you need?

  • Rubbish bin
  • Vacuum with hose
  • Microfiber cloths
  • Sponge
  • Stiff brush OR dog hairbrush
  • Bucket
  • Duster
  • Long brush OR Car detailing brush OR toothbrush
  • Ammonia-free window cleaner
  • Water
  • Dishwashing liquid


1) Take out the trash!

By far the most satisfying part of the job, cleaning out your dirty rubbish. Make sure to check in your cupholder, side door, underneath chairs and even the glove compartment. You may want to use gloves for this step to prevent any nasty surprises.

2) Remove floor mats

Side to your tires, floor mats can become the dirtiest part of the clean-up. To increase efficiency, try brushing loose crumbs to the floor mats below and carefully remove and drop the dirt outside.

Give each floor mat a good shake and vacuum before spraying them down. You can use the hose of the vacuum to beat out any stuck dust and hair outside the car.

For silicone mats, you can use a good old sponge or hose to spray down the mud. By doing this step first, you can let them air dry while you get on with the rest of the car

3) Vacuum inner surface

Before beginning the cleaning process, vacuum the seating area thoroughly. This makes sure that when wiping down surfaces, you aren’t dragging loose rubble across your dashboard or fine leather seats. Make sure that you use a vacuum attachment that will get into the nooks and crannies. Make sure to get into the cup holder, side car door pockets and the underside of the car chairs.

Using a dog hairbrush, you can easily pick up any stuck dog hairs. This can help the vacuuming process as well.

4) Cleaning carpet

There are many methods for cleaning the carpet in your car’s interior, including the use of commercial cleaners. You can try using vinegar to spot clean stains and then rinse them away. You can also use a baking soda and dish soap mix to treat tough stains. After cleaning your car’s interior with the proper cleaning solution, be sure to dry it completely and open all the doors. If possible, park your car in a sunny area so that it will dry quickly.

Depending on how much the car has pets, cleaning the carpet in the car can vary considerably. Pets that shed fur or have dander can require daily attention. Vacuuming will remove most of the dirt, even if it is embedded deep within the carpet fibres. Vacuuming will also keep pet fur from moving around the car’s interior. And if you do have pets, a dog seat cover is a great idea to protect the carpet from stains.

5) Clean the car vents

The air vents are one of the most neglected areas in your car. If you’re concerned about the air quality inside your car, you can clean the vents regularly. Air quality has a significant impact on your lungs and can aggravate a pre-existing health condition. Although air vents are supposed to provide clean air inside the car, they tend to accumulate contaminants over time. As a result, breathing in polluted air is not only unhealthy for you, but it’s also bad for your car’s air conditioning system.

6) Spray and wipe surfaces

After all the loose grime and dirt are gone, you can now move on to spraying down and wiping your car surfaces. After spraying your surface, you can use a stiff bristle brush to get out any dirt from inside tiny crevices. They can be found in between the gear sticks and cup holders. Many detailers use a long detailing brush that helps get into the tough areas. If you don’t want to invest in a detailing brush, using an old toothbrush can also do the trick

Make sure to spray the door panels, steering wheel and of course the dashboard.

7) Clean windows

When cleaning your windows, make sure to use an ammonia-free spray, Ammonia can damage the tint on your windows which can ruin your daily drive.

Tips on keeping an organised car

  • Invest in a glove compartment divider. This can help you store more useful items, without the hassle of having to search for them.
  • If you have many pet adventures, using a pet cover can help save time in the future getting the hair out of your carpet
  • Keep a rubbish bin for your car. This can help you save more time when emptying your car.

That’s it! Cleaning your car doesn’t have to eat up your day. With these simple steps, you can get your car looking brand new again! If you’re still interested in more tips and tricks to spruce up your car, then we have the experts for you. Our Jim’s Cleaning crew are experienced and eager to help with all your interior car detailing needs. So, get in touch today at 131 546 or check them out online!