How To Get Your Living Room Ready For Spring

Spring is a time for new beginnings. It’s when the flowers bloom, the nights are cool, and the sun comes out more and more with the passing days. In the spirit of spring, many feel inspired to transform their home. The colder winter weather rarely empowers us to clean or redecorate our homes, but there’s something about spring that inspires us to make big changes. Thankfully, you can make your home feel brand new without breaking the bank. 

While you can buy products to decorate your living room, the absolute best way to get your living room ready for spring is with a professional deep cleaning service. Jim’s Cleaning’s home and office cleaning services are trusted by both homeowners and business owners across New Zealand looking for a big springtime makeover. To help you transform your space this season, we’ll cover different ways of how to decorate a home for spring and the impact of our popular spring cleaning services.

Affordable spring living room ideas

Decorating your home for spring doesn’t have to be a costly or overly time-consuming endeavour. In fact, it can be really fun and relatively straightforward. Here are some simple spring decorating ideas to help your living room match the upcoming season!

  • Decorate with plants and flowers — Nothing quite encapsulates the beauty of spring like a vase of fresh flowers, an orchid, or a big foliage plant in the corner of a room. While fresh plants and flowers emit amazingly sweet scents, there’s also nothing wrong with opting for faux plants. This low-maintenance route may be ideal for homeowners that aren’t home terribly often.
  • Purchase new accents — Changing up a few accents in your living room can completely transform the space. This includes a new carpet, new light fixtures, or new decor objects to place on your coffee table. We recommend opting for lighter-coloured accents to give your space a brighter and more open look.
  • Rearrange your furniture — Rearranging your furniture is a great way of making a space feel completely new without spending a dollar. You may be surprised at the impact moving your furniture around can have on the way you live your life. Moving some of your cosier furniture into the living room, for example, may encourage more people to gather and unwind in the area.
  • Arrange a deep cleaning — Deep spring cleanings take time, dedication, energy, and quality equipment and products. Fortunately, you can schedule an insured and professional business to take on the task for you for a very reasonable fee.

Why invest in spring cleaning?

There are so many benefits to seeking out spring cleaning services from an experienced business, including:

  • Feeling renewed — Spring is often associated with growth and new beginnings. Having your home thoroughly cleaned is sure to help you feel renewed and empowered to take on all your goals for the season.
  • Improving your health — Having a home filled with dust is simply not good for your health, especially if you have allergies. A clean home can have a positive impact on your health by strengthening your immune system.
  • Reducing stress — No one enjoys having to step over clutter just to reach the couch. A cluttered house leads to a cluttered mind. So naturally, cleaning things up could go a long way in reducing your overall stress.
  • Encouraging organisation — It’s difficult to properly organise a room that’s filled with dust and clutter. By cleaning things up, you’ll have a much easier time going through your things and rearranging the space.
  • Aesthetic beauty — If you like to entertain guests in your home, investing in a good spring cleaning service is a must. Once your home is properly cleaned, we’re confident that you’ll be excited to show it off to friends and family. There’s nothing quite like polished countertops and sparkling floors to make you want to have people over!

Of course, spring cleaning can be a tiresome task that many people don’t have the time or energy for. The good news is, you don’t have to take on spring cleaning this year at all. The experienced and professional staff at Jim’s Cleaning would be happy to step in. We’ll have your home looking beautifully clean in no time.

Investing in an effective spring cleaning 

Our spring cleaning service includes many of the professional home cleaning services we offer at Jim’s Cleaning. For a low cost, we’ll vacuum your carpets, mop and sanitise your floors, and clean your bathrooms and toilets, kitchen counter, benches, light fittings, and appliances. We dust and polish everything until your living room is left sparkling clean. 

This is only a glimpse into the many services we include in one spring cleaning. To learn more about our work, please don’t hesitate to contact us by calling 0800 454 654. You can also consult our helpful FAQ below for more information.


How can I decorate my living room for spring?

There are many low-cost ways of decorating your living room for spring. You could purchase new accents, like lighting fixtures, decorate with fresh plants, or rearrange your furniture. We encourage you to look at home decor magazines, as they may spark your imagination with creative ways to decorate your space.

Should I get a spring clean?

Yes, absolutely. There are many benefits to spring cleaning, including improved health and reduced stress. By delegating this job to an experienced cleaning company, you’ll be able to fully enjoy these benefits without exposing yourself to the dust or stress that comes with cleaning.

How do I get my room ready for spring?

Cleaning is key to getting a room ready for spring, whether it’s your living room, bedroom, or any other room in your house. Decorating a room without cleaning it first will prevent your space from achieving its full aesthetic potential.

How can I spruce up my house for spring?

Aside from the ideas listed above, we recommend taking the time to research the latest spring home decor trends. This will help you find additional ideas after the cleaning phase is complete.

When should you start decorating for spring?

Wondering when to decorate for spring? The best time to start is about two weeks preceding spring. But don’t worry if spring has already begun — it’s never really too late to begin decorating. 

What type of cleaning services does Jim’s Cleaning offer?

Jim’s Cleaning offers a wide array of cleaning services, including car detailing, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, end of lease cleaning, oven cleaning, professional office cleaning services, and much more. We regularly work on both residential homes and commercial buildings across New Zealand.

Worried that your needs don’t neatly fit into any of the above categories? We’d be happy to customise our services to accommodate you and the space you need to be cleaned. Simply reach out and request a quote at your next convenience.

Why choose Jim’s Cleaning to prepare your home for spring?

Jim’s Cleaning offers reliable and thorough cleaning services at affordable prices. Our fully trained, fully insured, and police-checked staff know what it takes to perform the perfect spring cleaning. One of the many features that distinguish us from our competitors is our cleaning packages, which can be customised to suit every home or office. 

No matter what services you seek out from Jim’s Cleaning, you’ll always receive great customer support and fantastic results. We hold ourselves to incredibly high standards and expect our clients to do the same.

How much would professional cleaning services cost?

The costs of our spring cleaning services vary based on several factors, including the size of your home and how many rooms it has. We do offer $99 fast cleans, but for a more specific number, you’re welcome to request a quote from our helpful team. 

No matter the size of your home, however, you can rest assured that our fee will be well within reason. We’ve gone above and beyond to make our services accessible to as many people as possible.

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Interested in transforming your home before winter’s end? Jim’s Cleaning is here to help you get your home ready for spring through our premium spring cleaning services. People from across New Zealand rely on our small business for our thorough and efficient work, along with our car detailing services, carpet cleaningsend of lease cleanings, oven cleanings, and so much more.

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