Things You Don’t Clean But You Should

Things You Don’t Clean But You Should

We all do our best at keeping our home tidy and germ free – but dirt and grime have a habit of getting into places we don’t think to clean. Here are a few spots I bet you haven’t cleaned in god knows when…

Dish Racks 

To ensure your dishes are truly clean, you should make sure your dish rack isn’t transferring old food or germs onto your newly clean dishes! Tip:

  • Avoid letting water pool in the drip tray if you have one as it is a breeding ground for bacteria.
  • Washing your dish rack with hot and soapy water weekly will ensure your clean dishes stay clean!


Think about how many hands touch your remote and how many things those hands have touched that day… Gross we know. Studies have shown remotes can carry more bacteria than a toilet seat… Okay you get the picture, we’ll stop now. Tip:

  • Wipe down your remote with an antibacterial wipe at the end of the day or at least once or twice a week.

Bath Tub Toys

When we think bath time we think clean right? But if we take a minute to think of how many times bath toys sit in bathwater time and time again you can imagine how many germs would be living on them. Tip:

  • Wash all your toys in a mesh bag and throw them into the washing machine on a cold cycle.

Your Phone

Your phone goes everywhere with you and anything your hands come in contract with is more than likely going to go all over your phone. Now if the germs from your hands transfer back and forth it’s not too big of a deal as we are constantly washing our hands, however, we also hold our phones to our faces multiple times a day and this is where it gets gross… Tip:

  • A quick wipe with a microfibre cloth and disinfectant or a disinfected wipe at the end of each day.

Yoga Mats

Yoga has many benefits to your health however, your current germ infested yoga mat may be hindering it. Think how much sweat, dust and dirt gets transferred from the floor that your mat comes in constant contact with… Tip:

  • A spray with disinfectant and a rub down with a cloth or paper towel at the end of each session will help you reach new heights with your health.

Adopting these small habits will only take up a small part of your day but will do wonders for your health.