Tile Maintenance – What You Need To Know

Tiled flooring perfectly combines style with function. Durable, stain resistance, and hypoallergenic, it’s obvious why tiles feature in almost every home and business premise. Whilst this type of flooring is very low maintenance, there are a few things we encourage to keep your floors in tip top condition.

Clean Tiles Regularly

Quite an obvious step, however it really is the most important. You want to vacuum or dust mop your tiles regularly to remove dirt and dust. Failing to do so regularly can allow it to set into your grout, causing staining later on. Take care when vacuuming to ensure you’re not dragging anything across the floor that can scratch the tiles.

Protect Entrances and Exits

Areas like entryways, exits and hallways tend to have high levels of foot traffic, causing tiles to degenerate more quickly. Mats and rugs act as a protective measure to your tiles, as well as to trap dust and dirt from making its way throughout your home. In the bathroom, kitchen, and laundry it’s a good idea to keep a mat on the floor to keep your tiles dry.

Take Care When Mopping

Whilst tiled flooring performs well in wet areas, it is best to ensure your mop isn’t distributing too much water. Grout is extremely porous and can absorb mop water easily. This will lead to grout discolouration which taints the appearance of your flooring. Instead, opt for a damp (not wet) mop to clean your tiles.

Deep Clean Your Tiles

Regular vacuuming, mopping, and scrubbing is often not enough to completely clean your tile and grout areas. That’s why we recommend getting your tile and grout surfaces professionally cleaned at least once every 12 months to keep them looking as good as new as well as removing harmful bacteria. Jim’s Cleaning has experienced tile and grout cleaners with trained professionals, ensuring your tile and grout surfaces are cleaned to the highest standard using surface safe products. Contact us now for a free quote.