Top 5 Reasons To Look For Professional Vacate Cleaning Services

Moving house is an exciting experience — but it can also cause significant stress when it comes to leaving your property as clean as you found it. If you are looking to leave your rental home or apartment in New Zealand, you will need to make sure that the space is cleaned to the highest possible standards before you move to your new place. Failure to do so can be disastrous, as you may be risking your ability to get the full amount of your bond back from your landlord.

If you are in this situation but aren’t sure if your vacate cleaning abilities are up to scratch, hiring professional vacate cleaning may be the best option for your needs. In this article, we take a look at the top five reasons why you should opt for professional vacate cleaning services at the end of your lease while also answering all your questions about what professional vacate cleaning involves.

Here is everything you need to know about the benefits of professional vacate cleaning.

Why you need a professional vacate cleaning service

There are numerous reasons why professional vacate cleaning is a better option than doing your own end of lease cleaning. From freeing up your valuable time to reducing the overall stress levels of the move, hiring professional cleaners has many advantages for busy people looking to move house. With this in mind, here are five of the main reasons you should consider calling in the professionals to take care of this important task for you.

1. It saves you time

We all know that moving home is an extremely busy time for everyone involved. There are so many details to take care of, from packing up all your belongings to arranging a moving company and possibly even decorating your new home before you move in. With all these things to juggle, you don’t want to add extra pressure by trying to tackle your own vacate cleaning, too.

If you are looking to outsource your cleaning, start by searching for a reputable and experienced professional vacate cleaning firm that does end-of-tenancy cleans every day. These companies have employees who know all of the insider tips and tricks to make sure your rental property is cleaned to the highest standards in the quickest possible time. This saves you the time, effort and stress of doing this often unpleasant job yourself on top of all the other things you need to take care of while moving home.

2. It saves you money

Money is another important consideration when you’re moving house. Most people move to a larger, more expensive property, which will likely cost them more in rent each month. You may even have bought your own home, using up all your savings in the process. Whatever your circumstances, you will want to save as much money as possible at this time so you can make the most of your new lifestyle.

It’s true that professional vacate cleaning services don’t come for free. However, you may be surprised to learn that they can actually end up saving you money. For a start, you won’t need to buy your own cleaning supplies, which can be a hidden expense many people forget to factor into their budget. Professional cleaners like our team at Jim’s Cleaning have their own products specifically designed for tackling specific jobs and are proven to work. They will bring all these products with them when they come to do your cleaning, so you won’t need to worry about purchasing any additional items that will just end up in storage at your new place.

3. It gets the job done right the first time

When you’re busy concentrating on all the elements of moving home, it can be easy not to pay close attention to detail when completing your vacate cleaning. This means some parts of your home (notoriously behind the oven and on top of the blinds) might not be as clean as they should be, leading to an increased risk of losing your full bond.

Even if you get help from friends and family, there is no guarantee they will clean any better than you. Their help can cost you money in dinner and drinks, even if you don’t pay them directly for their time, and you could discover that you then have to pay professionals to clean the property all over again.

Hiring a professional vacate cleaning company from the start will save you all of this additional worry. Our team at Jim’s Cleaning is used to doing these jobs, so they know exactly what to look for and where the dirtiest areas of a property usually are. They will give their attention to every detail, and if your landlord has provided an end of lease cleaning checklist, your cleaners will follow it to the letter. In addition, they have all the very latest equipment, so they can get the job done quickly and efficiently without ever compromising on standards. You won’t have to worry about paying twice — we will do the job perfectly the first time.

4. It keeps you safe

You may not have considered this, but vacate cleaning isn’t always the safest job to do. You could be using potent chemicals or even climbing ladders to clean windows and blinds to get the house clean, which can be risky for those who don’t have the right protective equipment. These tasks can compromise your safety, putting you and your loved ones at risk. Cleaning can also be hazardous if you have any mobility difficulties — in these circumstances, it is always better not to risk your personal safety.

A professional vacate cleaning company can negate these safety concerns. The team at Jim’s Cleaning has received extensive training on the best ways to carry out these jobs, and they always wear the correct personal protection equipment (PPE) for every type of job they are working. We have all the required safety equipment needed and only use products that will not be harmful to anyone’s health in the long run. We are also fully insured, giving you total peace of mind for anyone looking to hire our services.

5. It helps you get your full house bond back

When you are moving out of a rental property, getting your bond back is one of your main priorities. Otherwise, you can end up moving home with a serious dent in your planned budget. However, you will only get your bond back in full if the property is as clean and tidy as it was when you moved into it. This can be hard to achieve, particularly if you have lived there for some time and made it your own.

Hiring professional vacate cleaning services is the best way to ensure you get your bond back. The professionals always know exactly what to look for, as they are accustomed to carrying out end of tenancy cleans. They will pay the closest attention to every detail, even the tiny elements you might not have thought of yourself. This gives you the best possible chance of starting the next stage of your life with a full wallet, keeping you and your landlord happy. The next tenant will thank you for it, too!


Do you have to get your property professionally cleaned at the end of the tenancy?

You might not be a professional cleaner, but your end of tenancy clean should be done to professional standards. Your landlord or property manager will inspect the property before agreeing to give you your bond back, meaning that your cleaning job needs to be high-quality to get your money back. With many landlords being notoriously fussy, they expect the property to be cleaned to their specific standards. If you don’t think this is something you’re capable of, it’s far better to call in the professionals from Jim’s Cleaning and save yourself the worry.

What should you consider when deciding on vacate cleaning?

The first thing you need to look at is the reputation of the cleaning firm. Are they an established firm with great reviews for professional home cleaning? Are they fully licensed and insured? These things will give you the best possible protection and help you have full confidence in the company.

You should also take a close look at the services they provide in relation to the prices they charge. A good cleaning company will charge for the specific job rather than having a set rate. After all, your property will not be the same as anyone else’s. You need to make sure that the company is up-front about the cost of the job, so you won’t be faced with any nasty surprises when the cleaning is done. At Jim’s Cleaning, we only ever charge per job rather than charging by the hour, guaranteeing you the fairest possible price.

Is it important to get vacate cleaning done professionally?

There are no legal requirements for your end of lease clean to be done by professional cleaners. However, calling in the professionals is a much better guarantee of getting your bond back than trying to tackle this difficult job yourself. For all the reasons discussed above, professional cleaners are a good idea — they can save you time and money and put your safety first at all times while also ensuring your home will be cleaned to the highest possible standards.

What does professional end of tenancy cleaning include?

Every property is different, so every end of tenancy clean will require different things. If your landlord has provided a checklist, your chosen cleaning company should adhere to this, making sure all elements are covered. They should also take a look at the property as a whole and assess which jobs need to be given the greatest priority.

Jim’s Cleaning is a full-service company, so your vacate clean will include all the important elements. In addition to making sure all the rooms are spotless, we tackle the more difficult jobs such as the refrigerator and oven, as well as the windows and blinds. If necessary, we can even clean your carpets and upholstery for you, leaving everything looking as good as when you first moved in.

Where are our vacate cleaning services available?

We have franchises based all over New Zealand, so one of our teams can always get to you quickly and easily. With our over 20 years of experience in the cleaning business, you can trust us to provide the highest-quality professional vacate cleaning services. Call us today to request a quote and ensure your move goes as smoothly as possible!