Ways To Wash Your Car – Which Is Best?

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Ways To Wash Your Car – Which Is Best?

Whether or not your car is your pride and joy or just a means to get from A to B, it needs to be well looked after. Looking after your car ranges from regular services to regular cleans, inside and out.

In today’s world we all want things fast – next day shipping, click and collect groceries, drive through car wash. Fast is convenient but is fast always best?

There are so many options when it comes to cleaning your car, you could do it yourself or you can have it washed – which method is best? Doing it yourself, drive through car wash or having a trained Jim’s Car Detailer come to your home or office to clean your car inside and out? Let’s look into it.

Mobile Car DetailingJim's Car Detailing

  • Having an experienced car detailer means all the hard to reach, out of sight places are cleaned
  • Your car is cleaned inside and out while you sit back and relax (or work!)
  • You can be assured the highest quality products and equipment are being used on your car
  • Having a professional detailer will cost more than a simple car wash
  • Mobile car detailing offers more than just a car clean – cut & polish, headlight restoration, leather protection, light scratch/scuff removal. Just ask us how

Doing It yourself

  • It will take a considerable amount of time
  • You need to ensure you have all the right products on hand
  • You will be able to work hard to get all the build up grime and dirt

Drive through car washCar wash

  • These machines are designed to run through a sequence and may miss parts of your car
  • Although they are designed to be gentle these machines can damage your paint work – where available use touchless car washes
  • Your car may be left with water marks as these machines have set drying times meaning you could leave with a car not fully dry
  • As these machines can not “see” the dirt on your car you may be left with spots and dirt still visible
  • These machines offer convenience and speed

So you’ve weighed up the pros and the cons of how to clean your car – what did you decide? A spotless car inside and out while you’re at work or sitting at home? Hours of hard working cleaning both the inside and outside? Or a quick drive through car wash that leaves the outside of your car mostly clean?