Why is End of Lease Cleaning Important?

If you’re getting ready to leave your rental property, you’ve got a growing checklist of things to do as you prepare for the move. On the top of your list should be the ever-important end of lease cleaning. In order to receive your bond back (and cover all of your legal bases) most tenancy agreements will clearly stipulate that tenants must leave the property in a comparable condition to when you moved in. 

Generally speaking, this will mean a good deep clean, carpets steamed, all belongings removed, window washing and a solid scrub of all permanent kitchen appliances. It should also be noted that most landlords and rental agencies will allow for wear and tear to property over time. However, it’s still important to make sure everything is in tip-top shape when you vacate. It’s a fairly big job which is why plenty of renters will seek the services of end of lease cleaning in NZ from a professional. To alleviate yourself from any stress in the lead up to the end of your lease, with the right cleaners and a little bit of planning, moving out can be a breeze. Let’s take a look at everything you’ll need to consider when it comes to end of lease cleaning.

Regular cleaning vs end of lease cleaning

If you’ve been thinking about saving a buck and cleaning the property yourself, there are a few things to consider when it comes to the expectations of an end of lease clean. A once over with the vacuum and a dishcloth might be suitable for your weekly regular clean, but unfortunately, that won’t suffice for most landlords. It is expected that carpets are steam cleaned to remove stains, the inside of ovens are fully scrubbed down, walls are washed, windows are spotless, and all debris is removed from all surfaces. Most people will enlist end of lease cleaning services by professionals as they have the skills and tools to clean the property in the best condition for your landlord inspection. You’ll also save yourself time, a better chance at receiving your full bond and will put you in better standing with the real estate agent for any potential future lease agreements. At Jim’s Cleaning, we are one of the most reputable end of lease cleaning companies in NZ, with our professional cleaners leaving no surface untouched for your peace of mind.

What to expect from end of lease cleaning services

To ensure you get your bond back and leave your existing rental property on good terms it’s essential to find end of lease cleaning services from a reputable and professional business. At Jim’s Cleaning, we’re here to make your move as smooth as possible — we’ve got end of lease cleaning down to a fine art. 

Here’s what you can expect from our premium and thorough services:

  • Kitchen — all sinks, benches, cleaning areas, cupboards cleaned, scrubbed, and chemical oil stains to be removed. Rangehoods, ovens, dishwashers, refrigerators cleaned.
  • Bathrooms and laundry — all showers, baths, toilets, surfaces, basins, mirrors to be scrubbed clean from any dirt or mould.
  • Main rooms and bedrooms — all surfaces, cupboards, walls, windows, screens and light switches to be cleaned, dusted and scrubbed from any debris. All items to be removed from drawers and light bulbs replaced where necessary.
  • Floors — carpets to be steam cleaned and hard floors to be vacuumed and mopped.
  • Extra — outside areas to be hosed down, sweeped and any debris removed. All rubbish to be removed from the premises.

Getting your bond back

When you first moved into your rental property, you would have had to sign a tenancy agreement and secure the property with a bond. This bond is the landlord’s way of taking monetary collateral should their property be damaged in any way throughout the lease agreement period. As such, most tenancy agreements will state that a tenant must leave the property in a clean manner, the same as when they moved in. If a thorough end of lease clean hasn’t been arranged upon the end of the tenancy agreement, landlords can potentially withhold part or all of the bond. In order to save yourself hassle (and receive the bond back) it’s a good idea to hire the services of a reputable end of lease cleaning company to ensure the property is sparkling clean upon your departure.

Take the stress out of moving with professional end of lease cleaning

Moving home can be an incredibly stressful period — so let our highly skilled team at Jim’s Cleaning take one thing off your plate with our thorough end of lease cleaning services. Our reputable cleaners are police-checked, experienced and ready to give your rental property a premium deep clean. If you’d like to receive a free quote, get in touch today with someone from our friendly customer service team who would be happy to help. 


What is end of lease cleaning?

End of lease cleaning in NZ is the obligation of the tenant to leave the property in the same condition as when the tenancy agreement began. End of lease cleaning is considered a much deeper clean than regular cleaning. Tenants are expected to take care of ensuring carpets are steamed, all debris and rubbish has been removed, appliances have been scrubbed, bathrooms have been cleared of mould, windows and walls washed, floors mopped and light bulbs replaced where necessary.

Why is end of lease cleaning important?

End of lease cleaning is a very important step in the moving out process for a few different reasons. Firstly, it is the tenant’s legal obligation to return the property to the owner in the same condition as when initially rented. If the tenant fails to do this, there can be some costly legal ramifications. Secondly, in order to receive a bond back, a tenant must comply with the end of lease cleaning clause outlined in the original tenancy agreement. And finally, if you leave the rental property in an unsatisfactory condition, real estate agents and landlords may list you on a national database which may mean renting in the future could become difficult to secure a tenancy.

How can I do end of lease cleaning?

As end of lease cleaning is such an important step in the rental process, it’s essential to treat it high on your list of priorities. End of lease cleaning should be done in the final few days of occupancy after all tenants have removed their belongings and rubbish. Tenants can either take on the end of lease cleaning themselves or hire professionals to thoroughly deep clean the property.

Is it better to get end of lease cleaning done professionally?

With so much on your plate leading up to moving out, it’s always a good idea to hire professional end of lease cleaning services to take the stress out of the process. At Jim’s Cleaning, not only will you be able to hand over a very important task to a highly reputable cleaning company — you’ll also be given peace of mind that your rental property will be left in pristine condition. Unfortunately, in some instances where tenants decide to take on the end of lease cleaning services themselves, they don’t possess the skills or equipment to deliver a satisfactory clean to meet landlords standards. As a result, tenants can be left with their partial or whole bond sum withheld. While it might seem like you’re initially saving yourself a buck, in the long run, it could end up costing you a lot more in unreturned bond money. When enlisting the help of Jim’s Cleaning, we are committed to ensuring that you receive your bond back with an end of lease clean that goes beyond your landlord’s expectations. 

What does end of lease cleaning include?

End of lease cleaning services should go above and beyond a regular clean. This means all rooms in the property need to be given a thorough deep clean to ensure the bond is returned. In the kitchen, all surfaces, cupboards, appliances and cleaning areas need to be scrubbed and removed of any stains. Bathrooms must be entirely scrubbed clean of any mould, dust and debris. Floors must be carpet steam cleaned, vacuumed, and hardwood floors mopped. In the rooms, all walls, cupboards and surfaces must be washed, stains removed and all items disposed of. If there is a substantial outdoor area, surfaces need to be swept down, washed, and all debris removed.

How much does an end of lease clean cost?

The cost of end of lease cleaning will vary depending on the size of the rental property. At Jim’s Cleaning, we offer incredibly competitive prices for premium end of lease cleaning in NZ. In order to receive a free quote, get in touch with someone from our customer service team today.

How do you find a trusted end of lease cleaner?

It’s essential to find a thorough and reputable end of lease cleaning service in order to ensure your rental property is left in pristine condition when you leave the premises. Unfortunately, some end of lease cleaning companies don’t have the skills or equipment to effectively meet the cleaning standards of your landlords. At Jim’s Cleaning, we have built our reputation by consistently completing premium end of lease cleaning services to extremely satisfied customers across New Zealand. We are committed to providing top tier cleaning at affordable prices.